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Check-in point rules and / or consideration

Question asked by eb5147 on Sep 6, 2012
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What is the policy on check-in points for long term stays?  We've been at RI for 25 months and I can count the number of check-in bonus points on one hand.  Even though we were told they were supposed to be only with a new reservation, we didn't get them with the last one last month.  I feel they could give 400 points a month to anyone bringing them over $50,000 in business and as an employee of one corp. that gives them some business now and the consultant of a local company that gives them a huge amount of business.    


I don't see why they can't at least give them for a pre-settle.  What would happen if I just made each reservation for every 2 weeks when they do pre-settle?  Would that be do-able without repercussions?


I'm not on good terms with the mgr or asst. mgr. here because of things that have happened in the past due to their housekeeping rules and lack of communication concerning them and also because they made me feel like they thought I was lying concerning the actions of one of their pet housekeepers.  They still treat us differently singling us out with a different housekeeper than the one across the stoop even when the housekeeper who's prohibited from coming to our room isn't working on that day.