Athens, Crete and a Certificate Question

Discussion created by profchiara on Sep 4, 2012
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I've decided!  My business class free flight goes to Athens where I'll stay one night, then because it's Thanksgiving weekend Sunday I have to stay overnight coming home in Amsterdam.  But I am flying from Athens to Crete and staying at the Galaxy in Heraklion, near the Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum.  (I got a ridiculously low price of $390 for the Aegean air flight and 3 nights at what appears to be an excellent hotel on Expedia.)


But another issue arose, and I want to see if you have any ideas of what's happening.  When I went to Athens Ledra for my one night in Athens, I saw it was a Cat 5 hotel.  Well, guess what? I still have my normally unusable Cat 5 Marriott Chase Premier cert, so I called the Platinum line.  The woman I spoke to was very nice but kept asking me if I didn't want to do the pointsavers instead. I kept saying, no I want to use the credit card cert.  I asked her if I needed to get it in the mail (that part of the system seems old-fashioned, as does having to call for it), and she said no.  But when I look at my reservation, it says I have to request the certificate and that I am staying on points+cash.  Anyone know what's going on?

Thanks! ProfChiara;