Top 3 Concierge Lounges ?

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Sep 2, 2012
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We are a mixed bunch here on MRI. There are many that have been all around the world in Marriott Brand Hotels. Could you list your top 3 Concierge Lounges? Try to restrict it to 3.....less if there aren't enough to justify the high ranking.  Please add a short blurb as to why they make your list.



My number 1 in the US is The Key Bridge Marriott.  Simply the nicest attendant I have ever met. The longtime Marriott associate worked with the chef to upgrade the evening offerings. Every evening, the lounge was full of smiling faces.


Number 2 in the US is  The Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay....It's been a while, but both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere both at breakfast and late night.


Number 3 in the US is The Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel.... I spent enough time there that it became a second home.