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Discussion created by jmring on Sep 1, 2012
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I have decided to leave the program after attaining the Platinum Premier level this year.  I have stayed nearly 1000 nights in Marriott properties over the past 6 years and feel that Marriott really does nothing special for their Platinum Premier members.  While a few properties, thank you Marriott New Orleans on Canal Street, do recognize my status and offer additional amenities, the majority of the US properties that I stay in really do nothing special.  As a frequent flyer with Delta, I am often upgraded on flights ahead of time and without asking, so why is it that Marriott doesn't have the same ability at their properties to offer upgrades ahead of times.  I think it would be or would have been extremely cool to get emails from the properties ahead of time saying that your upgrade is confirmed upon your arrival.


While some Marriott Reward members may feel that I am just complaining, I truly don't expect a red carpet out for me when i arrive, but I do feel that if you are going to offer the "unpublished" Premier Elite level, then you need to make it something that is truly different.  If you are always treated the same, then this level is not worth the title.  Therefore, I began this week with HiltonHonors.  From what I can see so far with three stays this week alone with Hilton, I am going to like it better.