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lack of logic at san juan marriott

Question asked by sacerdos15 on Aug 28, 2012
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About 5 years ago I suffered a major stroke but I have recovered but still bear some of the handicaps.I use at times a cane to provide me some stability although at times I can walk without one.I changed my travel habits so could travel with as little inconvenience as possible.I travel first class which povides me a modicum of confort and I try to avoid changing planes which alleviates much frenzy and hassel.I use a wheelchair to travel to the gate and through the security check point.Once at the gate though I can walk about and can board the plane,To avoid the commotion and difficulty of carrying suitcases I send them ahead by means of Luggage Forward.I travel several times a year and I always stay at a Marriott.I have gone to Delray Beach several times and last summer I went to Grand Cayman.This summer I decided to go to San Juan Puerto Rico and stay at the Marriott Stellaris Resort and Casino (I have been to San Juan twice before and stayed at the San Juan Ritz Carlton).  I had a oceanfront corner room for about two weeks.I arrived in the evening and my luggage arrived earlier that day. I was surprised when the the woman at the front desk as I checked in presented me with a notice that I would be charged $20 for the delivery.I strongly objected but the front desk said it was pointless to complain because this policy "had come from corporate".What was even more annoying was the final bill-they charged me tax on it which brought it to $22.20!  I called Luggage Forward and they said they have been dealing with Marriott for years and this was the first time this had happened.  I am in wonderment as how the hotel reasons.If I had carried my luggage in with me they would have charged me nothing,but my suitcase arrives on the same day as I do but several hours earlier and then they charge me $22.20!!!!! I will never come here again unless it is to the Ritz.I plan on notifying travelbooks and magazines conerning this Mariotts practice,Juan