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Platinum arrival gift

Question asked by mike929 on Aug 30, 2012
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Please let me know if this sounds correct.  Yesterday I had an overnight stay with Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta - Vinings for check out today 12pm.  I was not greeted as platinum member nor offered a choice of points or market items.  I thought about it later that night and called the customer line as it's not stated exactly what to do on the Marriott site.  I spoke to Yolanda and  I explained the situation to her.  She placed me on hold on three different occasions so that she could call the hotel.  No one ever answered.  At that point she said she would make an "issue" email to the GM of that hotel.


This morning I went to the front desk and again explained the situation.  The first person I spoke to did not know anything about the platinum arrival gift so i had to wait on another employee to get to work.  Once she arrived she looked in the system and said the guy applied points ( to which i do not know how much, but can find out how much from the Marriott site for this particular brand hotel).  So I stated i did not know that nor was I asked or acknowledged.  The employee said I they might have to check the security tapes to verify but she is unsure and to call the GM when he gets in later. 


So, I call the customer line again and speak to Shalice and she explained to me that you have to "wait and see if they can make it right for you" or give the hotel a chance to.  I mention it's called an arrival gift and that I showed the clerk and mention to Shalice about the compensation and read from this very rewards-insiders others accounts about getting money.  Shalice said that if points are not posted to my account customer care can do it for me.  But again I asked about the compensation or if it applied and how do people get it.  I was told if after 2 weeks you don't see points then you might be able to get it.


Does this sound accurate to anyone??