Budapest Marriott Hotel

Discussion created by kroywen on Aug 29, 2012
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Just returned from a 5 day stay at the Budapest Marriott Hotel after 5 days in Prague.  

The location of the hotel is excellent allowing you to walk, if you wish, to all the major sites.    It is right on the Danube River and each room faces the water.    The views are magnificent!    We were warmly greeted at reception.


The room & bathroom was much smaller than the one in Prague (& we were upgraded) however the view made up for it.  Again, the CL food offerings were excellent.

As noted by other MI visitors, the Concierge Lounge is probably the most beautiful.  It is rooftop with both inside and outside terrace seating facing the Castle.    The view must have been what Walt saw when he envisioned Disneyland!

The hotel lounge and restaurant are very good and fairly priced.    They offer both indoor & outdoor seating and have music during dinner.


On the downside:    It seems much more of a commercial hotel, accommodating large groups of cruise passengers, so the lobby was constantly filled with check-in counters and groups of people with luggage coming and going.

There is only one bank of three elevators for this sprawling hotel and waiting for them took way too long.

The concierge staff was rarely on duty -- and when they were there, didn't offer much help.  i.e., when we asked if they could contact the London Marriott for airport car service (where we would be next staying) he gave us the phone number and told us to call ourselves!    When asked about tours and guides we were shown a rack with brochures.


Overall, however, I would still recommend this hotel and would stay there again