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Roadtrip across the Southern States

Question asked by chrisf on Aug 24, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by eb5147

Hi, I am in the process of planning a big vacation for 2013 and need some help from those of you who know the Southern US States.  We (my wife and I) aim to be in New Orleans on 26 April at the latest for the Jazz Fest weekend (26-28).  We will be arriving in the USA from Auckland, NZ but haven't yet booked this leg of our flights.  (We are doing a round-the-world loop in an easterly direction.)  The questions that I have are ...


1.  Where should we aim to land in the USA?  LAX seems the obvious choice but this is just an assumption on my part.

2.  What route should we take?  We prefer to avoid major roads but would like to visit San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas and, if possible, the Grand Canyon.

3.  How long should we plan on travelling from (LAX?) to New Orleans?  We prefer not to travel for more than 3-4 hours per day and would like to stop off for a few nights in a few places.

4.  Any recommended Marriotts for overnight stays?


I have pencilled-in a target date of 15 April for arriving in the USA but we can be flexible depending upon what is suggested.


Your help and advice will be much appreciated.


Thanks ... Chrisntonioon,y