The best maintainence associate I have ever met

Discussion created by nacho on Aug 23, 2012
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This is another staff at FFI Clovis that really deserves the award.


I was staying there back in April. I was travelling with my family to the US to visit the famous Yosemite National Park. We met Nick when I took the kids down to the pool, he was maintaining cleaning the elevator when we met him the first time. He was very friendly to everyone and he started a conversation with the kids.


The next day when we tried to head out to Yosemite, we asked about chain control because we found out that it was in place, even though the weather was warm and beautiful. I talked to the front desk and then she asked Nick. Nick was very informative and told us that some guests were in the park yesterday. He even tried to call California Highway Patrol and other places to find out more information - and he even tried to see if he knows anywhere that we can borrow some chains for the car.


This is NOT what I expected from a maintainence associate - Nick is a good example of Mr. Marriott's 'sprit to serve'. He does his job well, and instead of sitting at the back office to have a cup of coffee, he went online and called around for us. He doesn't have to do all these because he salary is not depending on how service minded he is, that's why I'd like nominate him for the 'sprit to serve' award because his outstanding service.