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A recent post prompted this discussion, though I will be in Naples and mostly out of contact (I will have my netbook, but don't intend to be in my hotel room except at night ) if responses are posted.


What do women want?  I ask that using a familiar male question, but I'd like to apply it to hotels and what we as women travelers, whether for business or pleasure, want from a hotel and whether or not we get it.  I am sure we share many of the same wishes as male travelers (of whatever sort) have, but I think this could be a useful discussion.


Here are a few items on my list:

1) A CL lounge for my wine at night and to meet nice people who you don't have to worry about hitting on you (unlike the bar). I also find it nice when there is a CL (almost always in Europe) when they let you take a glass or two of wine back to your room without comment.  OK, all of you, I like wine!

2) amenities appropriate to men and women.  I've been forced to take things like hair conditioner along because it is not at all consistent whether a given Marriott provides it.  My most recent eventful ;( trip to Honolulu was an example).  I have very fine (not in the wonderful sense of the word, but in the breakage sense) hair and without conditioner for several days I would have probably 1/4 of my hair left if I shampooed every day. So I either end up taking more than I need (which sometimes means checked luggage - my least desirable thing) or bringing them all back.  Make the rooms equally male/female friendly in terms of amenities

3) Have a bathrobe in all Marriott (at least all full service ones) hotels.  Since I always ask for a high room, I don't usually bring things like bathrobes.  When I arrived battered in Honolulu, I was shocked that there was not a hotel bathrobe or slippers.  As a result, I was mostly unwilling to go out on my 15th floor balcony since high rises were all around.

4) Do not have bars, restaurants or other entities in the hotel either announce or ask for your room number. The person behind or near me might be a fine gentleman, but could also be listening in order to charge something to my room.

5) DO AWAY WITH MINIBARS! Or at the very least do not make them motion sensitive.  I really prefer hotels (like Waikiki beach) that just give you a refrigerator to use. But if there is a minibar, opening it should not trigger charges even if you don't move anything.  I've had this fight many times (though never contested it if I did take something from the minibar) when charges appeared just because I opened it to see what they had -- which was usually not very appealing.

6) For single women traveling alone, give real preference to their room choices.  I think this should be true for men as well, but I can tell you I'd rather be near the elevator and its noise than at the end of a hall.


I welcome all who have similar or different opinions to comment.