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Went to a Courtyard in Lincoln, RI last week for a wedding stay (the selected hotel for guests). Was greeted by an associate who was absolutely 'overwhelmed' with all the work to be done checking in their guests. No greeting acknowledging my status (no biggie), just a constant stream of 'I have so much to do with this check-in stuff.....'. OK, that's fine, but it's not too difficult if one just folllows a plan....greeting, thanks for being here, thanks for loyalty, let me get your things for you that the wedding party arranged, here's your key.......


All went well because we had to leave for the rehearsal dinner about 10 minutes after we got there. Then, we returned.........


My wife turned down the bed and.......whoa brother......trash obviously left by the previous group was underneath the bedcovers and sheet! I called down to the front desk and politely asked for another room (because I didn't want to create a scene for the kids getting married and who this was really all about). Someone brought us a key for a new room and we moved all our belongings (yes, WE did it). I brought my key for the old room back down to the front desk after the move and the person on the desk sheepishly mentioned to me that 'oh. my, you're Platinum, aren't you?' I'm so sorry. He was also very professional in his approach to me and also apologetic that the person he sent didn't accomodate the room change for us and we had to do it on our own. He suggested he would add some points to my account to make the situation better if he could in some way and he deposited 10,000 points in my account overnight. I suggested to him that the GM might want to discuss this with me.


She called and, although apologetic, was consumed in a silent conversation with someone else that she thought I couldn't hear when she was whispering to them and the talking part of the phone was still on her mouth. I would suggest next time she try cupping her hand over the mouthpiece! I ended the call very quickly with a terse 'you probably need to get on with more important things, have a nice day'.....


The wedding was great!