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Renting your timeshare week

Question asked by robertl on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2012 by klaus29

When you buy a week with Marriott Vacation Club, one of the feature that is promoted is the possibility to rent your weeks if it happens that you choose not to go any given year. I own 2 weeks Platinum weeks in St-Thomas and would like to rent them this coming winter. Considering a rate of occupancy above 95%, I thought it would be easy. I posted on Redweek and Sell your time share and so far nothing. Marriott is not providing any kind of support. I assume that they make more money if we don't show up and they can rent it themselves for top $$$.

1) Anyone has some ideas to share about how to rent your timeshare week?

2) Anyone would welcome some help from the resort in this matter? IMG_7257.jpg