Spirit to Serve Nomination

Discussion created by lawlessc on Aug 19, 2012
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HAving travelled for many years and stayed exclusively in Marriott properties I feel it is important to provide feedback and recognition when it is warranted.  Would like to nominate the morning concierge, Danica D. at he Portland Downtown Waterfront Marriott. I have been staying at this property for the last year for four nights a week and can honestly say that her level of service ismamsignificathis decision my choosing this property.


I believe many properties undervalue the importance of the concierge role which, for regular guest is by far the person guest will interact with most frequently. In Danica's case not oly is she always friendly and welcoming but she is always willing to go the extra yard for a guest. While this might be the regular expectations of a pleasant "good morning" and advice on the local area she will alsogo out of her way to make sure a guest is satisfied.


WHether this is saving me acroissant and some raspberry jam if things are running low (yes, I have the same thing for breakfast every day!) or ensuring there is a linen napkin for a colleague that dislikes the cocktail napkins she is always prepared and puts in the extra effort to keep guests satisfied. When you are staying Ina hotel for more nights of the week thannyounare actually home these small difference become huge differentiators and make the overall experience not just bearable but pleasurable. The biggest differentiator (for me) was when I had to regularly depart at 5.30am Danica wld make sure I could sneak a cup of coffee an hour beford'être lounge officially opens -I cannot even think abut functioning without my first cup of coffee-even if it meant her changing her schedule to accommodate me.


I think it is crucial that Marriott recognizes the importance of the concierge position to its regular guests and how are pethereof there who are often overlooked but who are a critical factor in retaining guests loyalty. While benefits, points and upgrades are nice it is really the smaller things in life that keep guests coming back.