The best breakfast attendent at FFI

Discussion created by nacho on Aug 18, 2012
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My family and I stayed at FFI Clovis back in April and for the very first time I experienced the 'spirit to serve' from this associate. Her name is Pam, and I don't know her last name unfortunately.


She was very friendly to everyone at breakfast and at manager's reception (she enjoys her work very much - always smiling). When we were there she made sure that food was refilled, so no one had to wait. Also she didn't mind us asking for more pepsi (there were only 7 ups left), and I overheard a lady sitting across us talking to Pam. She asked Pam if any of the food contain meat because she is a vegeterian, and I heard that Pam was explaining to her what the food was (it was Chinese style so it's a bit difficult to know what was what). Pam even tried to find out which food she could take and she really made sure that she got the right food.


It was nice to see someone who takes care of everyone, and she definitely made my stay more enjoyable.