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Marriott Activity in Social Media???

Question asked by gemprincess on Aug 17, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by gemprincess

Has anyone noticed any activity in Social Media by Marriott?


I was just in LinkedIn, adding my travel to TripIt when I recieved an advertisement to look for my hotel at Marriott.Com.


Find a hotel in Reykjavik at


Since its my updcoming trip Iceland, and I had already checked about a month ago to find that there were no hotels there, I thought, well maybe they recently added one and I missed it ( thinking of the my Barcelona trip this year, where there was no Marriott in Jan & Feb, but by the time I returned in Mar, Marriott had turned one of the AC properties into a Renaissance, and also Bill Marriott's message about how many hotels they are bringing online in the near term).


So I clicked on the link, and received the same error message, that there are no Marriotts in Iceland.


Whoever is involved in Marriott advertising on social media sites, might want to adjust this ad so that it only pops up from countries and cities that actually have Marriott properties


If I was not a Marriott Platinum and Insider, I would wonder how well organized a hotel chain is that pops up messages for countries they have no properties in.


Since I am, I realize its an ad that probably needs some fine tuning.