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WiFi Not always Free for Platinum and Gold?

Question asked by nukeferret on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by iestrikesback

I'm a Platinum Premiere member and stayed this last weekend at a Courtyard in downtown Atlanta.


When I logged onto the hotel wifi, I chose the faster option, which showed a charge.  I carefully checked to see if there was a statement that the higher tier was exempted from the Free wi-fi for Platinum and Gold elites, and there was not one.


When  I checked out, I was charged for the wi-fi!  I asked about it and was told that the 'faster tier was exempted' for the free wi-fi for Platinum and Gold members.  They agreed to remove the charges, but I'd like to make sure I understand what's 'free' and what's not.


When I stay at the Mayflower Hotel in DC, I pick the faster internet speed, and am not charged.  The Marriott website that lists Platinum benefits, makes no mention of any exemptions.  It states that the wi-fi is free 'across all Marriott brands' and makes no exemption for any of the tiered speeds.


So, my question, is what's the REAL policy here?  Are the tiered internet speeds exempted from the 'free wi-fi' for Gold and Platinum elites?  Or not?


Thanks in advance!