Marriott Rewards Offers and special rates

Discussion created by erc on Aug 6, 2012
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The team at Intergalactic is really making you earn those lifetime free nights, aren't they? But since I've got you, I have an unrelated question (a bogo break would be refreshing any way, correct?);


I am always pleased when looking up rates (using the red View Rates box which takes you to Special Rates-Standard-Room Packages-Marriott Rewards Offer) on the Marriott web site to find a Marriott Rewards Offer (like Wardman Park New Year's Eve), my question; is there anywhere these Marriott Rewards Offer prices are all gathered up on one listing similar to the 25 or more pages of Member Exclusives (you know the one; Member Exclusives-Points/Miles Offers-Partner Offers-NonMarriott Reward Deals - which by the way when this link is clicked, it comes up titled Marriott Rewards Offers, but these are not the hotel specific Marriott Rewards Offer)?


Highly confident the answer is no, but thrilled if it's yes (and I will aggressively use it); thanks for your attention. Have a great morning, daydreaming about those upcoming stays you've so rightly earned !


PS - I didn't know if this should have gone to Andy, but knowing that you do battle with the Facebook hordes, I thought you might have already come across the issue.