Naples, IT -- too hot in August

Discussion created by profchiara on Aug 2, 2012
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Hi all,

I already have reservations from Bangor to Rome in August, but would like to spend some of the time doing research and getting to know Naples.  I have only been there on a tour bus that never stopped (the guide said 'for safety reasons') until we got to Pompeii.  But even if I spend some of my Rome time in Naples, will it be too, too hot?  Has the trash situation been rectified?


I really want to go to Sicily too, but the few times a year I could go everyone on Tripadvisor says either MUCH TOO HOT (July and August) or NOTHING OPEN (Dec-Jan).

Any ideas?  Right now I've got about a week at the Rome Central Park Courtyard for all of 85 euros a night (long-term stay rates apply), so I might be foolish to give that up.


This all assumes I look like a human being again in 3 weeks .

Cheers, ProfChiara