I understand that you can be drugged anywhere but the way the hotel handled it was unacceptable

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My Husband and I were drugged at the hotel pool bar at 4:00 in the afternoon. We woke up at 2:30 am covered in vomit, with no idea how we got to our hotel room, our last memory being at the hotel pool at 4:00 pm. We do not know who drugged us and have never accused the hotel bar of drugging us. That being said the way that Scrub Island handled this incident was completely unacceptable. We notified the hotel of our drugging first thing the following morning. They did not report this to the police, which we later found out is the proper protocol for a hotel when this type of thing happens. We decided that we did not feel safe at the hotel due to the fact that we did not know who drugged us or what they wanted from us. We decided to leave the hotel 5 days early. We also wanted to seek medical care in the US to be sure we were not sexually assaulted. Upon check out, we notice that over $200 (one charge for $20 and an $80 tip) in bar charges were charged to our room at the hotel on the day of our drugging. The hotel manager claims that the bartender has identified us as the individuals who made these charges. We requested to see the receipts. When viewing the receipts it was obvious that we did not make those charges as the handwriting on the receipts was not ours. The bar manager then mentions that whomever opened the tab did not know our room number. We confront the bar manager and asked if we were the individuals who opened the tab, he said he did not know, contradicting what the hotel manager had told us. The hotel manager refused to take the charges off our bill. We asked to see video footage of the day of our drugging, as we wanted to make sure we went back to our hotel room on our own and were not sexually assaulted. The manager said he would look into getting this footage. After pressing him on the issue again he told us the hotel does not have any security cameras. We got the feeling that the hotel was trying to cover up this incident. We thought when we left the island this whole nightmare would be over with, but it has only just started. A week after leaving the hotel, we noticed that someone started using my husband’s credit card in Miami, Fl. Over $200 of fraudulent charges were placed on his card. We believe this is related to the drugging as his wallet was in the bag we brought down to the pool. We have received no apology or compensation from Marriott or Scrub Island for the traumatic events that happened to us while there. We have filed police reports with our local police department and the BVI police department. This vacation was a total nightmare. I will never return to this resort and would highly discourage anyone from staying here. I understand that you can be drugged anywhere but the way the hotel handled it was unacceptable.