Honolulu Waikiki Beach Review

Discussion created by profchiara on Jul 31, 2012

ONCE AGAIN, despite efforts on both browsers to post under destinations, it tells me every choice I make under Honolulu, Hawaii or Waikiki is wrong and that I must "specify a valid location'. I give up, so it's here on OTHER once again. Fortunately I've learned to save content.


Hi all,

I'm going to try not to allow my injured status to influence my evaluation of the hotel.  On the whole I would give it 3.5 (my tripadvisor version will thus be complicated, except they give category stars).



Special elite desk

A block from Waikiki beach if you're in the tour I was not in (there's a mall in between)

The mall in between is great, including convenience stores for food, beverages and alcohol that you can stock your empty mini-fridge with (yea! no minibar and sensory detectors that charge you automatically)

The hotel restaurants are truly spectacular, from the breakfast buffet at the Kuhio Beach Grill (for days except weekends) and d.k. Steakhouse (fabulous -- and the independent reviews support my experience -- especially if you order their surf and turf)

Hotel staff -- great! -- especially in the restaurants and support staff, including housekeeping (I forgot my cell phone charger but sure enough they had a match)

Nice overall room -- not great, but nice

Nice balcony


Despite status, I was only about halfway up the tower despite my preference for high room.  As a result, I could only see sections of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head from my two corner windows.

NO LOUNGE -- I find this incomprehensible for such a large hotel with two towers.  There is a dedicated space in the lobby for printing boarding passes, but that's all.

Cleanliness.  I didn't notice this right away (consider my state when I checked in), but while unpacking I noticed a lot of dirt and dust buildup in corners of the floor areas.  When I checked the bathroom it was the same.  Nothing obvious unless you really looked, but it gave me pause.

Relative lack of amenities in the bathroom.  The basics: shampoo, conditioner, and lotion plus a shower cap.  Nothing else.  (Again, I probably was spoiled rotten at the Myconian, but I've often had more at other Marriotts.)

The bed suffered from what I've seen in many Marriotts lately -- being old.  When I first changed from HHonors to Marriott many years ago, I think they'd just introduced the spectacular foam beds.  I remember one stay in Paris at the Trocadero about 5 years ago when I simply didn't want to get out of bed because it was so comfortable.  No longer so, and this one was lumpy, had places clearly overslept in, so that especially being all bruised up I had to toss and turn to find a comfy spot.

The TV apparently has high-tech convertibility to other things.  The combination of not being able to get it to turn on, and not having my computer work that first night, meant I had to have a tech come in.  Someone had used the TV for another feature, so something was connected differently from normal TV.  By the time he got to my computer I was no longer very conscious, but he fixed it.

Room service people were VERY nice.


A mixed bag.  I probably will not go back to Hawaii, not because of this experience but because it was essentially a mileage run (at least that part worked out). Rather, it's simply that I love going to the places where I also have studied or do historical research rather than resorts.  If I did go, I would follow my best friend's advice and stay on Maui, which seems the thinking of many insiders anyway.