500 point gift

Discussion created by profchiara on Jul 31, 2012
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This may be a stupid question, but my points have been off (or not counted) enough as to make me wonder. Plus where I stay at a Marriott tends to be quite expensive in euros (so there's the conversion factor too) and some deduct taxes from the total calculation.


I am curious as to how we find out if we are actually getting our 500 bonus miles when we check in?  Wouldn't it be nice if somewhere we could see a breakdown of the points per stay?  (What's included, what's not [i.e. taxes -- or food or amenities at CYs], and the bonus gift.


I admit that I don't ever know whether I've gotten my 500 pts.  I assume so, but like with the Boscolo Venezia aka Grand Hotel dei Dogi and a few other hotels in the past, I don't feel we can be absolutely certain.  It's usually somewhat easier with the MR Chase Premier Card because you have your final total from the hotel as well as your credit card bill if it's a different currency.  It was only the total lack of Marriott points last month on my credit card bill that alerted me to the Boscolo not giving Marriott points.


Any ideas?