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Olympics Pricing Policy Backfires!

Question asked by thecamel on Jul 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by gemprincess

Let me start by saying I love Marriott.


I am Platinum Elite and I use Marriott wherever and whenever possible.


My family and I are coming down to London for the Olympics next weekend.


We have tickets for various events and cannot wait!


When we secured the tickets, I immediately checked the Marriott website to book rooms at my favourite London hotels.


While I expected the prices to be inflated slightly I was shocked at how expensive they actually were.


The best hotels: Grosveror House, Park Lane and County Hall wanted over £1000 per night!


Even the more moderate hotels: Regents Park, Maida Vale and Hammersmith were priced at over £500/night!


Well, I simply could not afford these prices, I made alternative arrangements, relying on friends to sleep in their spare rooms or one occasion their sofa.


But it seems Marriott's pricing policy has backfired badly.


I've just checked the website and there are rooms available at virtually every Marriott hotel in London over next weekend.


On a weekend where they should be packed to the rafters, they can't sell rooms even at their normal rate or for rewards points.


People have obviously made their plans months ago and felt, like me, Marriott have overpriced their rooms.


Sometimes Gordon Gecko's words are not true. Greed is not good.