Marriott must think we're stoo-pid - new cash+points system for reservations

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Marriott must think we're stoo-pid.  Marriott Concierge just announced on Flyertalk the new Cash+Points system for reservations.


At first I was excited, thinking they were finally going to follow Starwood which for years has allowed you to make a reservation for a night (or nights) with a combo of points & cash for the night(s) reservation: ie, 4000 points +$40cash to reserve a room (no idea if the #s are right; it's just an example). 


But no-o-o-o...that's not what Marriott means.


The new Marriott cash+points for reservations allows you to reserve a room for points (which you can already do) & reserve a room w/ cash (which you can already do) & in order to use the new system it has to be a 2-day stay.  They're touting you'll get nights/point credit for the night you pay w/ cash.  Well duh - that's how it currently works.


We can already do what Marriott is touting as the new cool way to reserve a room - do they think we're stoo-pid?  Good grief! 


Discussion on FT here:


Coming Soon: Marriott Reservations with Cash + Points - FlyerTalk Forums


BTW - no one is blaming Marriott Concierge; they realize he's just the messenger.