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When did they start notating purpose for stay on the folio?

Question asked by tapline on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2012 by lone6star

I recently went to Amarillo Texas for a few days of business.  Of course, after the normal business day, I'd enjoy dinner with my wife, who almost always accompanies me on my trips.  When checking in, I usually make small talk with the front desk..  I guess I told the front desk clerk that I was passing through and that I hoped to see my daughter while on this trip.  Little did I expect that information to be emblazoned across the top of my folio once I received it via e-mail.  "visiting daughter" "passing through" printed below my name on the folio. I called the hotel days later and was informed that they could'nt take that off of the folio, and was told that Marriott likes to know your purpose of visit.  Not a problem for me but I guess it is when printed on the receipt for which I will now have to explain to accounts payable.  I told the young lady that I went to supper, swam in their pool and even saw a movie during my stay but wouldn't expect to see that either printed on the folio.  If the purpose is to find out the reason, I think in short order it would be self defeating as most (me included) will just respond; "business", and Marriott won't gain accurate information.  I don't remember this type of thing ever happening to me before and am surprised that if this is a new protocol, that it is being tolerated. I for one do not like it.  Anyone else have this happen...or think its a big deal?