Residence Inn Huntington Beach Fountain Valley (CA)

Discussion created by iestrikesback on Jul 25, 2012

Just completed a weekend stay this Orange County CA property.  We needed an early check-in, so they were able to accomodate us around 10:15AM.  Rooms have been refurbished, with bigger than usual kitchens for an RI.  The property is right off the 405 freeway, making it convenient to almost anywhere in the area.  There is also an adjacent CY.  However, the breakfast area is extremely cramped here.  We went down around 9AM Sat. morning and it was a madhouse.  We went earlier Sunday morning (7:30AM) and it was a little better, but still pretty crazy.  Fortunately our room was real close, so we were able to take our food back there.    


Bottom line, after this stay. I'm much less likely to stay at an RI for pleasure, especially on weekends.  We don't really cook, so the full kitchen isn't really necessary.  The breakfast madhouse, especially on weekends, is not pleasant at all.     I'd much rather stay at a CY for a few less $, get 2x the MR points, and go out for a decent, leisurely local breakfast.