Quality of Courtyards and service given at them

Discussion created by californian on Jul 23, 2012

I was taking part in the Courtyard promotion.  I don't usually stay at them and did because of the promotion.


The first was the Sacramento airport.  It was under construction.  The front desk person spoke with an extremely strong accent so that I could not understand most of what he said.  I requested a high floor and was put on the first.  He moved me to the 2nd and that was OK.  While I was back there for directions, another platinum was checking in and he was also put on the first floor.  He refused and was also put on floor 2.  I am not sure why they try to put people on a floor that they don't want.  The stay was acceptable.


My second was at the Courtyard Oxnard/Ventura.  I was put in a room with an adjoining door and the people in the next room had kids and were talking loud.  In addtion, I was across from the ice machine.  I called the front desk for a move.  I was told that they would call me back when they decided where to put me.  I was standing with my cart and needed to shower so I could meet a friend for dinner.  No call so I went down and was told that all the rooms on the courtyard side had adjoining doors.  I could be put of the freeway side.  I could hear the freeway noise from the elevator.and ddin't want that.  They moved me to another room with an adjoining door.  It was quiet so I took it.  Getting back to my room around 11pm, it sounded like they had a party in the next room.  I called down and they offered me a freeway room or they could call the next room with a noise complaint.  I had them call and went to bed.  11:45 and still noise.  I called down and was again told that I could have the freeway side.  At this time, I took it.  Upon getting to the room it was ADA which I don't want but I was so tired I stayed.  The room was warm so I truned the AC on to find it was really loud but I didn't hear the freeway.  I kept it on till the room was cool enough and finally get a little sleep.  All I wanted was a clean, quiet room with a king bed.  I guess that was too much to ask for.  They could not deliver quiet.  The front desk person in the morining could not believe that they didn't make the people quiet down.  I was offered 20% off my room rate.  The didn't seem like much and I was thinking while the other person, said that I was platinum and should be given 50% off.  I took it.


Has any one had better luck with Courtyards?  How do you feel about adjoining rooms?