Washington, DC - Fairfield Inn - New York Ave

Discussion created by tracyeg on Jul 21, 2012
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Need to vent.  I spent two nights in this hotel and while the place looks new and fresh, it could use some enhancements.


1.  All elevators were non-functional in a 10 story hotel (yes, things happen and staff was willing to carry bags down and techs were trying to get it fixed) but it was a huge inconvenience.

2.  Why charge for parking?  Because you can?  It is far enough away from tourist areas that it seems like just another way to grab a few more bucks.

3.  Breakfast set up was too small and people were stumbling over each other to get something.

4.  Breakfast only until 9 am - seems like all other FFI's are at least until 10am.

5.  Breakfast space very small - people were unable to find seats and standing to hold their food while eating.

6.  Free shuttle only running for select hours seemed pointless, why stop it from 12-5 pm?

7.  Lemonade decanter in lobby remained empty and untouched for all 48 hours I was there.  Couldn't someone refill it or remove it.  It had about an inch of lemonade just sitting in it.

8.  Area was not that attractive.  A bit rough off the property and major street prohibitive to get to anything else across the street.

9.  A lot of smoking by people and employees right at the entrance though ash tray was about 20 feet away.  With people loading their car at the front of the hotel, you couldn't help but get all that second hand smoke in your car.

10.  Pool was tiny.

11.  No kids channels (Disney, Nick, etc.)


On the positive.

1.  Staff was friendly.

2.  Pool was warm.

3.  When requesting towels for the pool, they were brought instantly.