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Hi all,

I'll be out of email contact for the better part of most of the next ten days, but I do hope this area expands and will read the posts when I get back from my next trip.  But one of my key complaints is that there is a 'short list' of hotels you can rate.


I have over 75 reviews on Tripadvisor, and am a 'Top Contributor' (probably their version of Rock Star), but most are hotels or nearby sites.  The thing is that Tripadvisor makes it easy.  If I want to review a Marriott Hotel, it already seems to have to be on the list of reviewable hotels.  That should be ALL Marriott hotels, just like Tripadvisor.  If not, why do I bother checking it. Most of the time it will not relate to anything I'm planning to do.  We need to be able to start a discussion of any Marriott hotel we've stayed at and rate it.


I like the 1-5 point system, which Tripadvisor also has, and I like that they ask but not require you to define your kind of travel.  Photos are very easy to upload, and I also like the fact that serious praise or serious complaints can be responded to and seen by Tripadvisor subscribers.  I, for one, do not think it's fixed.  When I've followed the advice on hotels, it's almost invariably been true, even my experience at the Boscolo (mostly unfortunately as it turns out).


For the Marriott review system really to work, any and all Marriott hotels need to fair game.  Give us the credit that we can sort through them by city and brand.  Until it goes beyond a few hotels, I'm not going to bother.


I may have missed something because it was a long thread and I have not been online that much (but have been on the phone about the Boscolo), but it still seems to me this is not open.  Until any one of us can write our experiences about any particular Marriott brand in a given place, it's not very useful.  ANd again, tell me if I've missed something.