Marriott Airport Transportation Variations

Discussion created by gemprincess on Jul 14, 2012
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I usually use the Newark Airport FS Marriott as they are the only property with a bus that picks up and drops off at the airport. The rest of the Marriotts, and other hotel chains pick up and drop off at the tram station P4. With early morning flites, its a big time saver to be dropped off at the terminal. Also if you have alot of bags, oversized bags, etc, it really helpful.


Last night, the hotel was sold out, so when I had to rebook at the last minute there was not availability, and they told me the platinum guarantee only works at a minimum of 48 hours in advance.  So I thought I would try the CY, as other MI recommend this property for leaving a car, so I thought I would try it out for future trips when I might want to leave a car.


Since I was already at the terminal when my flite was rebooked, I had to get on the tram and go to station P4. After sitting there for quite sometime, and seeing the FS bus come by 4 times, the FI bus twice, and the CY Elizabeth twice, I finally called the property and asked where the bus was.  They told me it was every 30 minutes.  Either I was out there more than 30 minutes, the other property buses are more often than 30 minutes, for the CY EWR was much later than 30 minutes, or maybe a little of each.


What really surprised me when I got to the property, is that it is right next door to the FI, yet when I asked if I could use that bus I was old NO!


Now I know that the CY,FI and SHS are right next to each other, and I can any of these buses and walk!


Why do all the Marriott brands have their own buses?  Why not share the buses, and have more frequent service?  Isn't this inefficient for both the hotel and the guests?