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Marriott New York East Side- Elite Desk?

Question asked by lorirobert on Jul 13, 2012
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I had a very upsetting check in at the Elite desk at the Marriott New York East Side on Friday, July 6, 2012. I was basically treated like a criminal. When I approached the Elite desk, I said hello and handed the agent my printed out reservation confirmation. He just looked at me and said with a stone face "This reservation is for Mr. Smith."  I said to him nicely, yes, he's my husband, I'm Mrs. Smith. He said sternly "I need to see your photo ID".  I handed it over wondering what was wrong. Usually when I check in, I get a "Hello, I see you are a Platinum member, welcome back."  After looking at my drivers license, he said "This address doesn't match the address on the reservation". I explained to him the reservation was made by my husband, and this was his work address. He told me I needed to verify that address. At this point, I was almost in tears thinking I would be denied to stay at the hotel. I told him the address, street name and town. He said he needed me to provide him with the street number and the zip code as well, which I did.  He then said he would have to check with his manager to see if it was ok, and asked when my husband would be arriving.  He kept asking me if my husband was planning to show up.  I had also given him my Marriott Rewards VISA card that has my name on it, but that didn't matter to him. He said my name had to be on the Marriott rewards account, too.  We have been Marriott reward members for years, and never once have I been treated this way by a Marriott associate checking in, or has anyone ever questioned who I said I was. I called the manager when I got to my room and he was less than sympathetic and said he was giving me a "head's up" that Marriott will be checking these things in the future so accounts are not compromised and he was sorry if I felt this way, AND THE MANAGER ALSO ASKED IF MY HUSBAND WAS COMING AND WHEN. I was made to feel as though I was "stealing" something or being deceitful, trying to infiltrate a place I didn't belong.  Even the friend I was with asked me if everything was ok from the exchange we were having. My husband was upset when I told him this and called the manager (my husband was calling from England - on a separate business trip - once again staying at a Marriott) and got the same unapologetic answer from the manager.  I also got stuck in a room right outside of the elevator, which I didn't appreciate either.  I feel for a paying Platinum member (we were not using our points -we paid for every night) this was unacceptable. I thought when you were husband and wife in the USA it was ok, and that he didn't need to be my "escort" or that I wasn't a valued human being unless he was with me.


All of the other staff I encountered at the hotel were extremely nice, pleasant and welcoming! The hotel itself is a wonderful property.  I can't say anything negative about the place except for the rude treatment I received when I walked up to that counter. Has anyone else been finding this to be a "new policy" and was my "heads up" from the manager correct? Just wondering. I jsut recently stayed in Atlanta by myself on a business trip and the people there couldn't have been any nicer and never asked me for proof of who I was......