Courtyard Marriott - Medford OR Airport

Discussion created by deepstar on Jul 11, 2012
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Stayed here a couple of times.  Most recently 6/9 - 6/10/2012.  I am a long time business traveler and I try to stay a Marriott all the time I have always had better luck with them.  The only thing they had available was a Spa King Suite my wife likes these rooms. I did have a couple of issues with this room.

I paid $189 for the room and that is fine, but my expectations will be high.  When I got to the room everything looked great, however, when I began to settle in I started to notice things.  First some of the furniture was in disrepair, right side night stand had large chips in the wood finish near the floor, the movable desk/table was not clean from the previous guests dinner/snacks,  the in room spa tub was just plain used, HARD, the faucet handles were on the verge of falling off in my hand, the spigot was loose and the spa jets were pretty dirty.  I was pretty surprised by this since this is a really new Courtyard, 2 years old or less.

We have used this Courtyard before and everything was top notch, but on this visit I was a little disappointed.  I did tell the front desk about the issues when I left but nothing was offered and I was late for a flight out so I didn't  pursue further...I did offer the front desk person photos that I took of the items but he said he didn't have any way to download them from my iPhone so I offered to email them but he said they will look into the issues and that was it.