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What is your favorite Hawaiian Marriott Property, and Why?

Question asked by pluto77 on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2012 by wrldtravlr

I have never vacationed in Hawaii, and am thinking about taking a Hawaiian vacation next Spring.  I think we are interested in exploring the Big Island for some adventure, as well as one other island.  For the 'other' island, we are interested more in what the resort has to offer than the surroundings.  As a first timer, I need help, and would appreciate any answers to the following questions:


1)     Your favorite Hawaiian Marriott (any brand in Marriott family) resort, and why?

2)     Interested in Wailea Beach Resort on Maui.  Anyone stayed there?  Feedback, please.

3)     I've read some stories here about folks who were very disappointed in their room location, ie. view of dumpsters, or ocean view ended up being only if they stood on a barstool at the corner of the balcony, etc.  Our stay would be a paid stay, not a points stay.  I see room rates for 'Ocean View' (lowest rate), 'Ocean Front' (medium rate) and 'Ocean Facing View' (highest rate of the three), so I would assume that 'Ocean Facing View' would be the best, but how can one be reasonably certain that one will get the room with the view (or something fairly similar) in the photo on the hotel's website?


Your input is much appreciated.