Edinburgh Residence Inn

Discussion created by atkinsd2 on Jul 11, 2012

One might think that Marriott Hotels would have some control over their properties, but a stay at the Residence Inn Edinburgh Scotland would cause you to question their processes.  Although the property is in an ideal location to access this amazing city, after only six months in operation the problems are too numerous to mention.  Air conditioning may not be common in Edinburgh, but there must be a way to have air 'circulation' that would bring the temperature in the hallways down to less than 100 degrees.  Don't expect cool air in the sleeping rooms either.  There is only one elevator to serve the entire hotel of seven floors.  Every 10 seconds the water in the showers turns from hot to cold and then back again, which will teach you to dance in the shower.  The UK and most European Countries have bought the "Go Green" fraud, and have committed to reducing CO2, and sending the money saved to poor African countries.  Meanwhile the misery index for travelers escalates.