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Marriott Rewards redemption with 2 kids

Question asked by krusty on Jul 8, 2012
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we´re planning a trip to Rome with our kids (6 & 9 years old), but can´t find anywhere to indicate that we are a party of "2+2" when scanning for possible properties. If I enter "4 persons" I get an error message saying that this is not possible.


So I have the following questions:

1. If our search returns a 5 night stay at Rome Marriott Park Hotel for 100.000 points, can we stay 2 adults + 2 kids for this amount (We can make do with a king + a rollaway bed...), or will additional charges apply?

2. Will my Gold Elite status mean anything when redeeming bonus nights? Like room upgrade/breakfast/lounge access?

3. Is breakfast for my family and myself included in the redemption amounts shown on


Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated, as our planned stay would be this coming week...