Fairview Park Marriott - Poorly Managed

Discussion created by pleshy on Jul 9, 2012
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I just completed a stay at the Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church, VA.  The hotel itself is nice; however, the management is not of the quality of the hotel. We had a military brats' reunion, we have these every few years around the Nation. Every other hotel we have used has been accommodating and has asked us to come back. This hotel was a big FAIL:  Things that are common in the lowest level hotel was for a fee at this hotel. Also, food service was bad and the staff had a bad attitude.


Most hotels have free Internet, this hotel charged unreasonable prices for it. I understand it they charged somebody just sitting in the lobby, but if I have a room, the Internet should be free.


One night of our event was a meal in the banquet hall. The servers were awful. All the tables were full; they know how many chairs were at each table. When they put bread on the tables there were not enough rolls for everybody. Water glasses were not refilled, somebody requested anything, they would say, "ok", but never deliver. The servers did not always walk around and serve each person; they stood at one side and passed items down. (I don't want everybody touching my plate.) After the meal, rather than cleaning off the tables of the plates and utensils they only cleared the salt and pepper shakers. You would think those things were made of gold. I requested Ice for my glass, but the young lady had to complete the removal of the salt and pepper shakers before she could bring it to me.


The food service/banquet manager was just rude. He walked around the banquets hall glaring at everybody like we were going to steal something. Then at the pool, one manager would allow music at the pool, and then the next would kick people out to of the pool area for the music.


I am glad that I know Marriott to be a better hotel chain than the Fairview Park Marriott portrayed.