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Hi all,

I've just returned from a very, very hot time in Venice, but thought I'd report on the Boscolo.  I had a very nice time there, but the hotel is not worth the 500 euros a night they were charging as of the time of my trip (I used points so it was fine).  So here are the pros and cons.


I stayed free

The hotel itself is gorgeous, a former palace for diplomats (see somewhat blurred lobby photo)

The front desk staff is spectacular -- incredibly friendly and helpful, and able to let me into my room when I arrived fairly early - I cannot say enough about them

The gardens behind the hotel are some of the largest in Venice and adjoin Santa Maria della Madonna

Depending on your room, you will either have a lagoon view (I imagine far preferable) to a small canal view

No one asked me to pay more for a room upgrade like in Paris

They set up a special room for the Euro soccer finals between Italy and Spain, which oddly enough was filled with Americans, with staff occasionally stopping in

Wifi worked fine

Breakfast (35euros) would've been entirely free every day of my stay had I woken up before ten but I didn't.  Tripadvisor people who've had it say it's superb. The staff explained there was so concierge lounge as such because of the historical nature of the building, but said of course as a result my breakfast in the restaurant would be free (listening in the US, anyone?

The bathroom (see photo) was stunning (almost bigger than the bedroom) except it was hot (see below)

There is a wonderful hotel boat (like a water limo) that goes several times a day to San Marco and back - it's worth it just for the fun of it


There might be some rooms worth 500 euros a night (though no hotel room would ever be worth that to me) but mine was not one of them. 

The picture below of the bed is the whole bedroom, and while there is a step down to a desk and armoire area before the bathroom, it was a very small bedroom indeed. 

There were no drawers anywhere. Plenty of hangers in the armoire, but I had to stuff all my non-dresses in a pile on the shelf inside

The A/C was very poor, not good during a heat wave.  It was set at and kept at highest cool the whole time I was there but it was not very cool, and I had to keep the bathroom door shut to help as much as possible.  This seems to be a pattern, though not for every room. I noticed on tripadvisor lots of people complaining about the A/C.  I asked people at the hotel, and while some said their room was fine, others said fans had been brought in and others echoed my experience.

I ate my first meal at the restaurant and it was good enough, but not great and while the female server I had was super nice the lunch maitre d' not so much so


On the whole. I think I'd go back to the Metropole as I did last year (for about $200 a night), but you can't beat free.  Here are some photos.