On the Loose: Useful Apps for Traveling

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Whether you’re trying to navigate the Paris Metro or wondering how to ask for directions in Mandarin, chances are “there’s an app for that.” Technology has made it easier to travel, and now you can do everything from book hotels to print boarding passes from one device—your phone.


Marriott’s free app is an example of what your mobile device is capable of: You can search and book hotels, browse hotel photos and amenities, discover destinations with maps and guides and access your Marriott Rewards® account. Member alrenaissance thinks it’s “an awesome tool for making, checking or canceling reservations while on the go,” and appreciates the feature that lists nearby restaurants, events, clubs and more and tells you how far they are from your hotel.

Once you’ve made all your reservations, vaboywnder recommends TripIt to create an itinerary with all your travel details. “I’ve been able to manage my Marriott hotel reservations, airline tickets and car rentals…It’s also nice to be able to share your travel plans with others using the same program.”

Psukeith5053 uses airlines’ apps for every stage of air travel, and while on the ground recommends Road Ninja, which “tells you what restaurants and gas stations are coming up on each exit.” Sdbroker recommends a number of apps, including FlightTrack to “keep track of flights, airport maps, gate for take-off and arrivals, seat charts and layover times.”


When it comes to dining on the road, heading where the locals go is always a smart move. For recommendations and reservations, mgoes2 uses Urbanspoon, Tasting Table and Open Table. If you need in-depth destination information, eaglecroy never travels to Europe without Rick Steves, whose free apps allow you to download guidebook information before leaving home so you can access it without Wi-Fi or service.


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