Points Well Taken: Using Points for Nights, Flights & More

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Earning points is easy—deciding how to spend them is the hard part. There are more than 250 ways to redeem your points, from a relaxing day at the spa to a once in a lifetime trip across the globe, and whether you’re just building your balance or have a lifetime of points stashed away, there’s a reward that’s right for you.


Most members use their points for free stays at the more than 3,600 Marriott® properties worldwide. How many points you need depends on the hotel’s category. Insiders member tjcnewyork gives you a break down here. Alrenaissance discusses using points at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas with an in-depth review. Marriott Cheques are also a great way to make the most of your points when booking stays. Learn how sdbroker used them in both Colorado and Indianapolis. And, if you’ve been saving up points for something special, see how jaybee used them for an “awesome” 3-week adventure in Thailand, including airfare and hotel.


Using points doesn’t mean you have to wipe your balance out. With PointSavers, winner of this year’s Best Program for Redemption at the 2012 Freddie Awards, you can save up to 33% on top destinations. And, with Air + Car, you can use cash, points or both to book air and ground transportation all on one convenient site. 


Looking to give a gift (to yourself or someone else)? Missgee lets you know where you can pick up all the things you love about staying in a Marriott hotel—from bedding to bathrobes—with Shop Marriott. You can also use your points to purchase brand-name electronics, travel accessories, retail gift certificates, Marriott GiftCards and memorable experiences, including culinary classes, bungee jumping, a recording studio session and more. To use your points to better communities—both in your backyard and beyond—you can also donate them to a number of worthy causes, including disaster relief.


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