Australia: The Lowdown on Traveling Down Under

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Jul 5, 2012

For most, a trip to Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Set in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia makes a great escape for those battling winter north of the equator. April through September is the best time to visit majority of the country, though your timing will depend largely on where you want to go (north or south) and what you want to experience.


From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, Australia offers a wide range of attractions and activities, and to explore every corner of the country, you’d need more than the standard 2-week vacation. To ensure you make the most of your visit, check out post-trip reports from other Insiders members. Chrisf offers highlights from a 6-week trip, while pluto77 offers tips for catching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and some great photos. For more Australia travel tips, check out additional posts from matt_w and mikiegfla.


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