Getting More for Less: Exploring the All-Inclusive Stay

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If you fancy yourself a citizen of the world, the idea of an all-inclusive stay can take the fun out of why you travel. Happening upon a community bakery among side streets or eating dinner from a food cart is how many of us spend our vacation days. But when the itinerary calls for lazy days on the beach and nights filled with colorful cocktails, an all-inclusive stay might be just what you need.

Marriott offers Escape!® Inclusive Vacations in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean covering (at the most basic level) your meals, cocktails and beverages. Depending on where you stay, your package can also include activities, discounts on retail and spa services and much more.

Insiders have had good experiences at the St. Kitts, Curcao, Aruba and Cancun resorts. Dining is at the top of the list for most all-inclusive guests, including carolinacouple, who praised the variety of options at the St. Kitts Marriott® Resort & The Royal Beach Casino; beach palapas, a cigar bar and on-property shopping are other highlights of this oceanfront property. For texasnorton, all-inclusive stays in Aruba and Curacao “gave us all we needed and [were] easy to handle.” And while tryt53 doesn’t opt for the all-inclusive package when he stays at the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort, you can get a detailed review of the property, with photos, in his post-trip report.

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