St. Louis, Mo. USA, "The Gateway to The West"

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St. Louis is in the center part of the US, and is a very historic town.  Within a few hours, by driving, you can get there from Chicago, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Memphis and many more cities.  The "Gateway City", is very hospitable and reasonably priced.  This river town has three major rivers serving it, and it was a fur trading center founded by the French.


Here are some photo's of places you may enjoy.  I would welcome any other photo's and questions to allow your travel to St. Louis to be enjoyable.



The Gateway Arch, is the tallest monument in America, (You could fit the Washington Monument under it).  It resides on the bank of the Mississippi and seems to represent mans "Manifest Destiny" to go West.  St. Louis has played a huge role in American history.  Many famous people were born here, lived her, died and are buried here.


It is only fitting, on July 4th, that we "Salute" our fallen Veterans from the famous Jefferson Barracks, on the South side of St. Louis.  Another historic place to visit.


The statue of Lewis and Clark, left from St. Louis on their "Journey of Discovery".  This statute is in West St. Louis, along the Missouri River in St. Charles, at the start of The Katy Trail.


Saint Louis, stands tall in Forest Park, the home of the 1904 World's Fair.  So much was introduced to the World at this event.  This statue stands in front of the Art Museum, and close to the famous St. Louis Zoo, which is still free to the public, and rated one of the best in the World.


This is the home of US Grant, while living in St. Louis.  This famous General and US President has Grants Farm next door.  It is a wonderful place for families to tour.  Enjoy!


Near Grants Farm is Laurimer Park, a sculpture that is free to visit and very unique.


Many diverse places to dine include Irish, pictured here, German and French.  You can get what you want at great prices!


Baseball and Beer are major items.  The "Cardinal Nation" is wonderful and The World Champs are always a "Hot topic" on The 4th of July!


Enjoy these pictures of the actual fireworks event, it was huge!