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Marriott Sabal Palms - Orlando, FL

Question asked by clebert on Jun 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by californian

OrlI am going to a conference at the Marriott World Center in Orlando and need a place to stay.  My spouse and kids will be there part of the time, so I'd rather rent a condo than a traditional hotel room.  The Marriott Sabal Palms looks like it's adjacent to the World Center, and it's only another $35 per night to get a 2 bedroom villa at the Sabal Palms as opposed to a traditional hotel room at the World Center.  Does anyone know if I can park at the Sabal Palms and walk to the World Center?  Also, does anyone have any comments about the Sabal Palms or any of the other villas in or near the World Center?  There is one called Palm Villas and one called Royal Palms.  Royal Palms says it's going to be undergoing renovations during my timeframe (January 2013) so I'm thinking it's best to avoid that one.  Palm Villas look like they are 3 bedroom condos which is probably bigger than I'd need since my 2 kids can share a bedroom.  Thank you!