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Room Upgrades Marriott vs Hyatt

Question asked by steeler59 on Jun 30, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2013 by dswan

I am a recent Marriott Platinum member with an experience I would like to share in comparison to Hyatt Platinum status room upgrades and am asking for your feedback/experiences.  My husband and I recently spent two weeks in Hawaii.  The first week we spent at the Grand Hyatt, Kauai.  Upon our arrival we were treated extremely well.  The person checking us in offered us a room and I asked if that was the best room they could offer platinum members.  He did a little searching and offered us one of three rooms.  I ended up selecting the room he initally offered as it was in the best location.  The room was amazing.  A week later we checked into the Wailea Beach Marriott location.  Upon check in we were offered a room and I asked again if this was the best room a platinum member could be offered.  He said that it was and did not do any research to see if there was a better room available.  We went to our room to find that it was located in the basement, below ground level.  It did have a sliding glass door but when you looked out the window all you were able to see was a grass embankment.  Needless to say we were quite disappointed.  I went back to the front desk and asked again if this was the best they could do.  He said that was the best.  Due to my dissapointment, daily I would check their website to check for room availability to see if the hotel was sold out of better rooms.  Each and every day, including arrival day, a variety of additional rooms were available.  I am wondering if this is how Marriott treats all platinum members like this or if others have had a better experience and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.