Thanks to the Staff at the Williamsburg Residence Inn

Discussion created by cici2 on Jul 1, 2012
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After having the week from hell and trying to get through until Saturday there was more surprise the biggest non-hurricane storm to hit Virginia.  We had power for 2 hours during a 100 degree day,  Now this lead us up to the next fun think in my life,,,Our power went out completely and all I could think about was my recent visit to Costco and Sam's Club being throsn away.  I look on line for a Marriott to help me out again this week and I did not know but I found an Angel named Jessica.  I had been up all night the dog was exhaused and the husband was snappy.  All of a sudden this bright smiling Jessica was there in front of me smiling.


Jessica goes on to tell me that no one had check out early but that she would try to help since I was at my wits end...I needed a shower.  We went had coffee and came back to my surpris my Non-Jessica was there and she said I could not get a room until 5.   I said this can not be true so being the pouty Platinum girl I stomp out of the lobby since I have never been told no by a Marriott person....


Well Jessica to the rescue and her boss Marc.....Jessica asked if I would take a different kind of bedroom,  I said yes and next thing I knew I had a room that I could relax in and take a shower.


I would like to recommend Jessica and the employee of the momth for going abouve her duty to get me a room.  I woule love to see that see gets something special.  Since I was not the only person that she helped that day it would be great to recognize her for outstanding service


A proud Life Platinum Member who know special people when she sees them.  Kepp Jessica maybe managment traing opportunity.  She is great!!!

Thank CiCi