Newbie Just Learning About Difficulties in Redeeming Points Wants Feedback

Discussion created by golfette on Jun 29, 2012
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In Tripadvisor, I was checking out reviews on a Marriott we were considering vacationing at in California.  I was very surprised to see a number of comments complaining about receiving bad service and below-par rooms for redeemed Marriott Points.  There were several properties mentioned where this had occurred.  People stated they were not allowed to upupgrade using more points and in some cases not even for cash.


I guess I am still very naive, but we honestly thought we could redeem our points for a standard room and then upgrade with more points.  If this is not the way it works, then we will be leaving Marriott and ditching our Marriott Visa posthaste.  Would really appreciate hearing from those experienced in this regard.