I just cleared 110,000 points in my first 60-days...

Discussion created by sdcinok on Jun 28, 2012
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I went ahead and signed up as a new Marriott Rewards Member in mid-April since I knew I had a business trip and family vacation this summer that would be Marriott stays.


So, in just 60-days, I've already accumulated 110,000 Marriott points.


* 5,000 = Business stay in DC

* 50,000 = Marriott Premier Rewards Card sign-up Bonus.

* 36,000 = Family Vacation @ St Thomas Frenchman's Cove (includes the 20% points bonus from being a Silver member after getting the Premier card).

* 15,000 = Premier Card Bonus for Marriott Spend.

* 1,000 = Hertz Rental car Bonus at 2-for-1.

* 3,000  = Premier Card Bonus for Misc Spending.

= 110,000 = Rewards Points.


So, I'm planning on a Fall trip with the wife.  One option we're thinking about is the JW Marriott in Cancun.  Using that 110,000 points (and maybe a little more) gets me 4 nights, plus the usual 5th night free.  So five nights in Cancun for practically free just for being a little dilligent about how I managed the money I was already planning on spending when I signed up for Marriott Rewards and the Marriott Premier Rewards Card.


Count me as a satisfied Marriott Rewards member!