Horrible stay :(

Discussion created by twilliams10 on Jun 27, 2012
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I recently took a trip to Auburn, Alabama for business. I stayed at the Fairfield Inn. There were 3 highlights of this hotel...the breakfast, the indoor pool, and the close proximity to a Starbucks and various shopping/eating locations.

Everything was awful....

1 and 2 - We checked in and our room's remote didn't work, so my husband picks up the phone to call downstairs. The phone doesn't work!!!!  I call down from my cell phone and the front desk person says, "Oh yeah, I think I remember them saying something about the phone earlier...we'll have someone out in the morning to look at it."  I should have known this was a lie, but I was hopeful since this is a Marriott hotel after all...


3- Later on that evening, I'm in the bathroom and a spider is crawling across the floor. Of course I can't stop mid-stream to kill it, so I tried to spray it with Lysol. Didn't kill it, but it did go into a crack in the wall. I go to the restroom again, in the middle of the night, and there is another smaller spider crawling in the same area. I got him this time!

I inform the front desk of the issues, her reply was that they do spray and maybe they had recently sprayed and the bugs were running for cover and would die off. Really??? And what do you suggest I do in the meantime? What if they bite me or my family? What if they get in my luggage or toiletries and I take them home and have bugs in my house???


4- Our room was the last room on the end of the hall... and maybe that means we don't deserve wi-fi connection, but it's advertised and so I expected. We call downstairs again...and she says,"I think someone else was having that same problem. We'll have somone out in the morning to look at it." Same line-- seriously????


So after breakfast and some downtime in the pool and exercise room. We go back to our room to see if any of these "next day" items are resolved...of course not!  So we asked to be moved. The front desk person/housekeeping supervisor asks us why? We tell her and she says, "Let me check if we have any rooms available we're almost sold out for tonight...Really not my problem. Either we're going to resolve my situation or you're going to have a lot of vacant rooms tonight sweetheart!!! So she finds us a room and asks us to move our stuff right then so housekeeping can clean our old room (and they can sell it that night). Get to the new room and one of the lights is blown in the bathroom. Not sure if they have dust mites or some other kind of bug, but something bit me on the back and my jawline/cheek area.


I couldn't believe this is a Marriott hotel with such poor conditions. It appeared to be ran by a bunch of college students. The few times I did see a manager, he made no attempt to see what our problem was or provide any assistance.