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Only the minumum?

Question asked by mob1052 on Jun 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2012 by californian

I have noticed and been told by staff at the hotels that Marriott is changing the the program. I also discovered from staff member online and one hotel manager they are encouraged to just meet the minumum standards and not to over achieve. I find this quite distressing. I have been noticing the other companies are offering points as well and I have in several hotel choices. I have stayed with Marriott because of the details and feeling like I was recognized for being loyal. It is becoming more difficult for me to rationalize this decision. I train employees in the service industry and I would always encourage them to go above and beyond. This is appreciated by the customer and it will gain brand loyalty. I love my points but I can get those elsewhere. It is the WHOLE Marriott package.

BY the way the staff Marriott Pyramid in Albquerque is great. Hotel is not as new but staff definitely makes up for it.