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No hotels in Rome with availability that I can use points... So disappointed

Question asked by janetf on Jun 24, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by profchiara

I am so diappointed!

I obtained a Chase Premier Credit Card and began to use at great lengths to accumulate 80K points for a stay in Rome..... I went out of our way to dine at Marriott Hotels to get the extra points... At every opportunity I stayed at a Marriott even if out of my way.


Finally I reach the points I need and 3 months away from travel date. I was so disappointed that neither of the category 8 hotels in Rome are available.


I have never run into this with my AMEX Starwoods points CC... Generally how long in advance does one have to book a stay to get a reservation?  Is ths common to not be able to use points 3 months out?


I am now rethinking what good are the points if all I can use them for is a level 3 or 4.