Courtyard Experiences

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Until last year, I can't remember when I've stayed in a Courtyard. Since then, we've stayed inseveral and the experiences have been almost all very positive. The one unpleasant experience I remember was a Courtyard in FL where the bottom sheet dd not fit well - it kept coming off the mattress - and when trying to put it into place, I cut myself on a sharp edge on the bed. Apparently, the hotel was using the wrong sheets for this bed. However, the manager gave us a points bonus for our difficulty. Some of our very positive exeriences have been:


Courtyard St George, UT (twice)

Courtyard Las Vegas South (twice)

Courtyard Times Square South, NYC (also twice)


The COurtyard Times Square often has lower rates than the other Marriott Manhattan locations and the staff has been very friendly and helpful. The hotel must be fairly new - the rooms are clen and pleasant. lAst time we were given a suite . Their breakffast area has been under renovation (may be completed by now), but the breakfast was very good.